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Herbie's Post-Restoration….

The following pictures are of Herbie since his restoration. He now sports official decals/racing stripes (the same as used in his movies), a complete makeover (paint, body work, etc.), and an updated central nervous system (brain) that allows him to open/close his own hood and doors, and much more...


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June 15, 2001

Herbie showing off his stuff...

Yes, we know...

Herbie in Tampa, FL just after being fixed up with his new stripes/decals

On his first day out on his

own, Herbie was hit by a dog damaging the rear fender

It's OK Herbie, it could have

been a lot worse!!

Herbie in action!

Is that really a 40 HP under

that hood!!

Stephen says that Herbie

is now ready for the

Grand Prix

Two 10-32 custom bolts hold Herbie's California tag on top of the Florida tag

Is that really a Blaupunkt

I see?

Not really, just a clever cover plate to cover Herbie's new CD/FM sound system.

The two speakers located behind the rear seat are on a plate that covers extra batteries and the

air tank..

The interior almost looks

normal except for a few

added switches

Herbie sporting his new

driving lights

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