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Herbie's Pre-Restoration Days….

Originally Purchased in 1997, Herbie was really nothing special until we started to transform him with his racing stripes/decals, ragtop and of course, a brain. He then met up with a couple of old friends, Beauregard and Daisy, and before you knew it, he started to take on a personality of this own...


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Stephen with his car Herbie,


The first showing of Herbie at

Old Town in Kissimmee, FL

An early Herbie still

with his sunroof

Stephen sitting in the drivers seat...

Herbie shortly after receiving

his stripes

Note the original sunroof that was

later replaced with a ragtop...

Stephen with his brother and their cousins 

Stephen with his cousin Sandra and Mike (her husband to be)

  in Mississippi

Herbie dressed up in his tux...

Herbie's two best friends,

Beauregard and Daisy, dressed

up for the wedding 

 Bo and Daisy waiting patiently

in the back seat

Dressed and ready...

Herbie taking the two

newlyweds for a spin

Stephen with Herbie

after the wedding

Herbie really showed himself

this day!

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