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Our Family - As you might have guessed by now, my family means a lot to me.  And as a family, we have been through a lot of trials over the years but God has blessed us greatly through it all.  We are Christians and are proud to let people know!  Our homepage gives you more detail about our family history, our church, our beliefs, etc..  I truly believe you will find it inspiring...

The VW Beetle Page - How about a little VW history.  Alex Zimri pointed out this very nice overview to us.  Enjoy...

The Samba - The very best place to visit if you are looking for VW related items for sale, information on upcoming shows or just to start a discussion on how to repair that old leaky carburetor. 

Herbie The Love Bug Fan Club - One of the original Herbie The Love Bug sites and "Home of the Herbie the Love Bug Fan Club".  A great source for up-to-date information and one of the most complete sites on Herbie and what's going on in the world. 

Love Bug Fans.com  - Probably the best place on the web to go for those who would like to exchange information with other Herbie fans.  A very active bulletin board plus a World Wide Registry for all Herbie's and replica's.


Classic Car Creations - We finally decided that we had enough of the vinyl decals pulling up and having to be replaced and decided to have them painted on. We chose Classic Car Creations in Cocoa, FL for the job after personally witnessing the full restoration of a million dollar car that they did and boy are we glad we did.  The resulting paint job and attention to detail is one you will rarely find.


Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Photographer  - This is a site that introduces you to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll's photography from 1856 - 1880.  You can also find out more about going pro and getting some really good tips on how to become a great photographer.



Volkswagen of America - Official website of Volkswagen of America.  Get all the latest on the newest offerings from Volkswagen as well as official gear and merchandise.


NADAGuides.com - Find out what your collectible is really worth.


And one of our favorite places for up to date cruise news...




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