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Rosco P. Coltrane...

Well, towards the end of 2007, The Beast (our special VW tow vehicle) was finished and we just had to add some new action to the show, so who else but Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazzard to protect Herbie, Bo, Daisy and Duke... Rosco is a brown bear who is fully self-contained (wireless) and remote controlled from inside The Beast. Not only can he see in color and hear very low volume sounds from the audience, but he also talks, waves, moves his head both up/down and sideways, and rides a specially built Segway which goes forward, reverse and turns 180 degrees on either wheel.  Rosco became an instant hit and was very popular with young and old alike and went on to even make a  quest TV appearance but he finally had to be retired due to radio interference issues that came about with changes in the bands being used.  We keep on talking about updating his electronics but have just not had the opportunity.  Here's a little peak at his inner secrets...


(Click on any picture to enlarge)

Rosco on his police Segway fully equipped with siren and flashing light.


Rosco playing around with

a friend of his (Ginger) at

WFTV Channel 9


Rosco and Ginger having a

little personal time together.









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