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Herbie and "The Beast".

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you mated a 1973 VW Type 2 Kombi Bus to a 1983 Chevy Blazer 4 X 4? Well that's what we did so that we would have the perfect tow package for Stephen's Herbie.  The wife loves driving the rig even while towing Herbie and appropriately named it "The Beast"...

The Bus sits on a S-10 Blazer chassis which was shortened 6 inches with the 4.3L V6 engine mounted mid section just behind the front seats. A turbo 3 speed transmission is coupled to the stock rear end which makes for good highway driving. The interior is nicely done in a dark gray and has 4 high backed reclining bucket seats for comfort. It also has custom dual AC units (the conventional plus a DC unit on top) to keep the passengers nice and cool during the hot Florida summer months, custom stereo, AC electrical power and dual 17 inch LCD monitors for watching our favorite DVD's, etc.. It's painted "Cool Vanilla" and still has the original aluminum 5 spoke 4 X 4 rims. In order to keep the engine cool we finally had to locate the radiator in front of the bus but have disguised it as a piece of luggage complete with world travel stickers while parked at shows.

Whenever we travel any distance, Herbie rides in style on his red tandem axle trailer being pulled by The Beast.  The Beast has sufficient power even with a full load to cruise comfortably at 70mph on cruise control and with the AC on high.  All in all, the pair create quite a show while going down the highway and has brought smiles to faces around the world...

P.S. Both vehicles when originally purchased were destined for the salvage yard being ate-up with rust. But now they have both been saved and should be around for many, many more years to come.


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The Beast, was originally purchased for $250 and was totally rotted from the top of the fenders down.  The frame was unrestorable.


The Chevy Blazer had been sitting

for years in a guys backyard and although it looked pretty good, had been given up for junk.



The Beast and Blazer sitting in our garage awaiting transformation.


The finished product with

 Herbie in tow.


Herbie and The Beast on The Pier

St. Petersburg, Florida


Another look of the pair



The cab is simple and almost looks

stock except for a few extra gauges

and automatic stick shifter



The engine is housed in a double insulated doghouse and has reclining high back chairs


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